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We are hiring!

If you keep an eye on our social media you might have seen that we are advertising for a Youngstock Manager. This is a role that has been filled, up to now, by Jaci, and Tristan's father Richard. As Proper Good Dairy gets busier there aren't enough hours in the day, so Jaci is reluctantly relinquishing her calf rearing job to keep on top of the paper work (not to drink more coffee, honestly....)

The role will entail looking after the calves next spring, including feeding them, weighing them and keeping an eye on their health. With upwards of 250 calves to look after it is a full time job! It's a busy but rewarding time, seeing the calves grow and knowing that you are looking after the future cows of the herd. When the calves are weaned there are still plenty of tasks to be getting on with, managing their grazing and feeding, and there will also be some holiday cover for other members of staff through the summer.

If it sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in, contact us by email or fill in our google form

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