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Frequently asked questions

What does pasteurised mean?

Pasteurisation means heating the milk to make sure there are no harmful bacteria which could cause illness. We gently pasteurise our milk at 65 degrees for 30 minutes to make sure it is completely safe.

What does unhomegenised mean?

It might be easier to explain what homogenisation means! Most milk you buy has been homogenised, which means breaking down the cream molecules so that they are evenly distributed through the milk, rather than rising to the top. We don't homogenise our milk, so you still get the lovely cream on the top and this means it tastes great. Remember to shake the bottle to mix it up (unless you want the 'top of the milk' in your coffee!)

Is Proper Good Dairy raw milk?

No. Raw milk means that it hasn't been pasteurised. As we explain above, pasteurisation makes the milk completely safe to drink. We think our milk tastes as close to the taste of raw milk as it is possible to be.

How do I wash my bottle?

After finishing the milk, give the bottle a quick rinse with warm (not hot) water, to get rid of any milky residue.

Then, either pop it in the centre of the bottom rack of the dishwasher, or wash it with hot soapy water as you do your washing up.

Make sure the lid is clean too – it can go in the dishwasher or be washed in the sink.

Don’t forget to bring it back to refill at our vending machine!

What is the shelf life of Proper Good Dairy?

At Proper Good Dairy our milk is as fresh as it is possible to be. On the bottle we make a recommendation that you consume your Proper Good Dairy withing 3-4 days of filling. We often find that it lasts longer than this, and shelf life testing has indicated it should last up to six days.

Can I visit the farm?

Yes! Every June, we open our farm gates for Open Farm Sunday, which is an initiative to encourage the public to visit farms and find out where their food comes from. The next Open Farm Sunday is on 12th June 2022. We hope to arrange smaller group visits on an occasional basis. To keep up to date with what we are up to, sign up for our newsletter.

Do you do semi skimmed?

We don't do anything to the milk except pasteurise it, so Proper Good Dairy is Whole Milk. Nothing added, nothing taken away. It is a natural product which varies throught the year but on average the fat content is 4%. That means it is 96% FAT FREE! There is also science based evidence to show that there is a lower incidence of cardio vascular disease in people who drink whole milk.

Do you take people for work experience?

We host people for work experience through World Wide Opportunites on Organic Farms - WWOOF. This is an worldwide movement which links people to organic farmer and growers for opportunities to learn about organic farming and living. To learn more about WWOOFING go to, our host profile can be found here. Over the last year we have hosted Wwoofers from New Zealand, France, Belgium, America, Argentina, Austria, Japan, Germany and the UK. We enjoy meeting people from all over the world and teaching them a little about organic dairy farming in the UK. That said, you don't have to be from overseas to Wwoof with us, so if you are interested, get in touch!

What does organic mean?

Organic food is produced without artificial fertilisers and pesticides, and with minimal use of antibiotics. We are certifiied organic, which means we are inspected each year to make sure that we are meeting the organic standards. Any feed we buy for the cows and calves, and any seed we buy must also be organic. We are inspected by, and certified with, Organic Farmers and Growers, who are based just outside Shrewsbury.