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Shake Me!

We've had a busy time recently putting the finishing touches to our exciting new milk shake product.

Having sampled a number of the chocolate milk shakes available in the shops we felt sure we could do better. Gloopy textures, and ingredients lists as long as your arm, as well as the fact that they don't actually contain much milk....

We only use three ingredients: Organic cacao, organic sugar, and of course organic Proper Good Dairy, produced here on our farm at Hatton by our lovely happy cows.

After a number of taste tests we settled on the final recipe and worked with our marketing team at Carl Jones Design to come up with the name. In the end it was simple: with the cream on the top and the cacao powder settling in the bottom, it had to be 'Shake Me!'.

Shake Me! is now available from your local Proper Good Dairy stockist, and there will be more flavours launched shortly.

So why not pick up a bottle and give it a shake today?

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